I Felt The Luxury.

Iggy Pop – I Felt The Luxury LIVE (1999)

Dark, captivating and somewhat Jim Morrison-inspired poetry from the usually more, in David Bowie’s words, “pithy” and “funny” Jim Osterberg.

Morrison was always an influence on Iggy, of course, although initially in a different way after he saw The Doors live in 1967:

“Here’s this guy, out of his head on acid, dressed in leather with his hair all oiled and curled. It got confrontational. Part of me was like, ‘Wow, this is great. He’s really pissing people off and he’s lurching around making these guys angry.’ People were rushing the stage and Morrison’s going ‘Fuck you. You blank, blank, blank.’ It was sort of a case of, ‘Hey, I can do that.'”
Iggy Pop Jim Morrison T-Shirt


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