Digging For Windows.


Zack de la Rocha – Digging For Windows (2016)

It’s no coincidence that the long awaited Zack de la Rocha solo material has arrived shortly after the rest of his Rage Against the Machine bandmates formed The Prophets of Rage ‘supergroup’. These are bleak political times, reflected in this song and its themes. [Digging for Windows is produced by El-P, following Zack featuring on Run the Jewels’ Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck).]

Fuck that bright shit,

The spot or the flashlights.

We in L.A. ducking both,

In the shadows with lead pipes.

The days is all night.

All night.

See, if I pay Edison,

No medicine.

These blues ain’t more better when,

My fever rise in the jungle,

As quick as the price spikes.

Days is all night.

Yeah, they all night.

The future snapped like a rubber band,

Off my fold on a hand to hand.

He drew from his waist,

Put two in his roof,

And, I can, still hear his screams.

All night.

These days is all night.

Now they ride their portfolios,

Like rodeos.

Rise every time my cherry glows,

On the end of my cig as,

The smoke blows through the bars,

And the C.O.’s laugh fades,

As he strolls away.

Says I gotta pay,

Off that roll away,

Or it’s fuck your visitation days.

So I pop off so in solitaire,

I dream of offing these Fred Astaires.

And the skin off my fingers tear.

Yeah we digging for windows here,

Where the days is all night.

All night.

This city’s a trap, my partner.

Under the lights of their choppers.

Bodies tools for their coffers,

Not worth the cost of our coffins.

Stare at a future so toxic.

No trust in the dust of a promise.

Won’t mark the name on a ballot,

So they can be free to devour our options.

And just like you I’m a target,

Ill defined by the guap in my pocket,

And the stage make figures,

As quick as it off ’em.

What Marley and Pac get?

I put these caps in capitals.

Leave minds blazed in their capitols

I step with a fury so actual fact,

That my offense could be capital.

All night.

All night.

We digging for windows here.


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